New Gold Dome Shines Atop Golden Gate Point’s Grande Riviera

Some 34 feet in diameter, the new gold dome atop Sarasota’s Grande Riviera luxury condominium building is an instant local landmark. Photographs of the downtown Sarasota skyline taken from almost any angle now features the distinctive dome–the unmistakable mark of one of the city’s most exclusive addresses.

“A lot of people have commented that the dome makes The Grande Riviera look like an institute for higher learning,” says Angus Rogers, who developed the $30 million dollar building with partners and longtime Sarasota residents Bob Roskamp and Phil Kaltenbacher. “We’ve taken to calling it the institute of higher living.”

Residents of The Grande Riviera on Golden Gate Point will experience “higher living” in every sense of the phrase. The building calls to mind the charm and quiet opulence of an Old World Mediterranean hotel. Wrought iron and glass entry doors rise 16 feet above street level, beckoning residents into the striking two-story lobby. A concierge is stationed and ready to cater to the owners of the Grande Riviera’s 13 private residences.

“From the eight private boat slips to the beautifully appointed roof garden, Angus and his partners at Floridays Development Company have done a masterful job realizing the potential of this incredible site and magnificent building,” notes Cheryl Loeffler. A Realtor with Prudential Palms Realty, exclusively brokers for The Grande Riviera residences, Loeffler considers herself privileged to be able to represent the property.

“I will show and sell the building with such a sense of pride,” she says. “I believe in the unique location of Golden Gate Point, the quality of the construction, and the dedication of the Floridays team to every aspect of the project. These people do what they say they’re going to do–and it shows.”

Loeffler cites the roof garden as one of the many selling points of the Grande Riviera, and Rogers agrees. He points out that the secluded oasis will be a gathering place for all residents of The Grande Riviera.

Some high-rise condominium buildings are designed so that only the penthouse occupants are able to enjoy the views from the roof,” Rogers explains. “But we wanted residents of all 13 units to be able to gather together and share the roof garden with friends and family.”

In fact, even the in inclement weather, Grande Riviera families will be able to seek shelter underneath the gazebo-like dome and enjoy the spectacular views. Residents are certain to meet on the roof and watch the holiday boat parades, marvel at the Independence Day fireworks displays, and enjoy the captivating everyday views of Sarasota Bay.

“When you’re looking out at the water from one of the residences or from the roof garden, it feels as though the building is directly out of the water,” says Rogers. “Because The Grande Riviera is at the tip of Golden Gate Point, the feeling you get gazing out from the building is truly breathtaking,”

Loeffler says the residents who will enjoy these views and the many amenities The Grande Riviera are accomplished, community-minded people who want to live close to downtown Sarasota in a building that is part of a genuine neighborhood.

“Angus and his partners have worked hard with the various governmental groups to make sure The Grande Riviera and the surrounding area add to the beauty of downtown Sarasota,” Loeffler says. “The neighborhood is planting hundreds of trees, burying the utilities underground, and enhancing the entrance to Golden Gate Point. For people who want to live in a landmark, there’s not much time left to reserve one of these incredible residences.”

It’s not just the beautiful views and the building’s striking architecture the makes The Grande Riviera so special. The units, prices from $1.5 to $4.5 million, offer flexible floorplans that can be customized to meet the needs of each homeowner.

“The location of Golden Gate Point overlooking the water, combined with our commitment to excellence, make this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a few special people,” says Rogers. “Phil Kaltenbacher, Bob Roskamp and I are happy to welcome them home to The Grande Riviera.”

For more information on the two remaining exclusive private residences contact Cheryl Loeffler at Prudential Palms Realty, 941-552-2669. Grande Riviera is located at 420 Golden Gate Point, Sarasota, FL 34236.